Drawings of plywood jig for Bellanca Xtreme Decathlon RC model in 3D PDF, 2D DXF and DWG formats.

Price: €60 (Excl.VAT)

A drawing of plywood jig for the construction of fuselage, rudder and elevator from thin-walled steel pipes for Xtreme Bellanca Decathlon model in .pdf (3D), .dxf (2D) and .dwg (2D) formats. Plan of the jig in .pdf format can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader in 3D. Plan can be printed in various views. The drawing does not contain a drawing of fuselage made from the tubes !!!

You will receive the following files to your email within 24 hours after making PayPal payment:

  • 1 zipped file, size: 1.72 MB, name: jig.zip

The zipped file contains the following drawings:

  • CNC sets 4 mm.DWG
  • CNC sets 4 mm.DXF
  • Jig Elevator.PDF
  • Jig Ruder.PDF

Watch this video (taken for Super Decathlon) starting from 8th minute 20th second (it should start there automatically) to see how to use 3D PDF file.


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This drawing is copyrighted. It may not be sold, copies may not be given to any other person and it may not be offered on the Internet.

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