Drawings of Bellanca Super Decathlon RC model in 3D PDF format.

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A plan of RC model Bellanca Super Decathlon in 3D PDF format. The model plan can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader in 3D. Any view can be printed from the document. The 3D model can be rotated, zoomed, shifted, selected parts can be hidden or displayed alone. Any part can be printed in all possible views.

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Watch this video starting from 8th minute 20th second (it should start there automatically).


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Giant model draws a lot of attentionon on fly shows. The build and flying is recommended for experienced modellers and pilots only. The construction use CNC milled parts from balsa wood, plywood, glassfiber and aluminum.

The model can be easily disassembled for easy transport into the following main parts:

Wings                               3 screws, 2 connectors on each wing
Wing struts                       2 screws on each wing
Elevator                            1 screw and 1 connector on each half of the elevator
Rudder                             2 screws
Main landing gear            4 screws
Scale:                               44%
Wingspan:                        4.3 meters
Length:                             3 m
Takeoff Weight:                 up to 50 kg
Engine:                             210 ccm

plan 1 plan 2 plan 3 plan 4