Interlocking CNC Routed Kit


Easy construction with all interlocking CNC routed parts which go together like a 3D puzzle. Support construction template ("wing bed") for easy build of the wings.



Recent News

 A new motor from Fiala Motors

I've bought a fantastic new motor from Fiala Motors manufacturer. The motor is going to be used at Bellanca Xtreme Decathlon Model.

Size: 280 ccm
Bore: 47 mm 
Stroke: 40 mm 
Weight: 6,95 kg 
2-blade propeller: 36/12, 36/14, 38/12, 38/14, 40/12 
RPM Range: 1000-5000

Bellanca Xtreme Decathlon


New CAD drawings of Bellanca Xtreme Decathlon is available now. The model has a construction similar to the real aircraft utilizing thin wall steel tubing on fuselage. The plans can be purchased in my Store from the main menu. The prototype will be finished soon. You can track the progress in the gallery.

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To acquire the CAD drawings, kindly proceed to my online store through the main menu. Please be aware that this website does not store any personal data during the shopping process. All aspects of the transaction are exclusively handled by PayPal, ensuring the security and confidentiality of your information.



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